Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter to Me

Recently I was challenged to write a letter to my younger self to aid in the healing of my past.  It's sometimes hard to think of "what if's" & "if onlys" of life without allowing it to get me down, but then God reminds me that it doesn't matter what my past has been - I live in the present & His promises for my future are so much greater than anything that has happened in my past.  So He laid it on my heart to share my letter to the "old me" in an effort to be as transparent as I can possibly be.  You never know who has had the same or similar struggles & they too, can learn from your past.  So here goes...

Dear Younger Self,

I know how you have spent countless hours contemplating the wrong decisions of your life, but please know that even in the midst of every bad decision, God was right there with you.  He was patiently waiting for you to hit rock bottom so that you would turn to Him for strenght, comfort, forgiveness, & support.  He was waiting to turn your mess into a message & the tests of your past into the testimony of your future.

Younger Self, do not lose sight of your favorite verse in the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11 - God has huge plans for your future, plans for goodness & prosperity & not harm.  He had these plans for you long before you were formed in your mother's womb.  He creates each of us to spread His love & message - and you are no different.

I know that at times you still struggle with resentment & guilt over some of your own decisions & the decisions of those who caused you to experience things that a young child should never experience, but do not let resentment & guilt overtake your heart & mind.  Keep your eyes focused on Jesus & He will make all things right & new.  Please never lose sight of His love for you & He will make your paths clear & straight.

Humble yourself before Him, confess your wrongdoings & focus on His truth.  Better days are yet to come & they will be as fulfilling as you allow them to be.  May your days be filled with the love & peace of our Lord & Savior.

With Love,
Your Older, Wiser, Renewed Self